Friday, May 22, 2015

Sleepy Santa

This very quickly became about 'what else can I add?'  Lets see... side table, foot and head board are cookies. I painted with watered down icing color to get the wood grain look. Rug is basket weave piping. All other details are fondant. Fur on coat and hat, santas beard, flowers on blanket and cocoa in cup are all buttercream. The 'good list' is written on with edible ink marker.

Minnie Mouse

Fabric ribbon wrapped around layers and board. "3" is fondant rolled very thick and cut with a cookie cutter on a lollypop stick, textured with a round icing tip.

Halloween Dreams

Spider on top is fondant. Dancing witches are cut out of fondant. Used airbrush to color the witch layer. Fingers are cookies.

Flowers for Kristen

Purple Cupcake Dress

Bryce's Bow Tie


Purple flowers


Happy 30th

Class of 2015

Gingerbread Houses